The Motor

Since Alani´s old Westerbeke had blown its head gasket on our way back from Sarteneja, it was clear I needed a different engine. I had no serial number for the Westerbeke, didn´t even know the year it was built, and the prices for replacement parts were horrendous. 

I had considered buying a used engine, but had quickly decided I would actually go for a new one instead. With this big of a restore project, I didn´t want to gamble with a used motor. Especially since the motor of my choice was actually not much more expensive than some of the used models I found. 

I chose a Betamarine25 for my girl. 

Betamarine, based in the UK, marinizes Kubota motors. I had heard many positive reviews about their engines and the price was definitely right. 

For my 30th birthday, that I celebrated with my family and friends in Germany, my dad had organised a micro crowdfunding as a birthday present. So many of my friends and family members had pitched to finance the significant part of Alani´s new propulsion system. It was one of the best presents I ever got for my birthday!

Right in time for my return from Germany, my pretty new red machine arrived!

Female captain with new motor for wooden boat
What an amazing birthday present!

Under the guidance of Tyrone and – like always – with the help of Tom, the new engine was successfully installed inside Alani´s immaculate freshly painted belly. 

Motor installation wooden boat
Tom´s crane is useful for so many things.
Betamarine 25 wooden boat
There it is in place, the pretty little red machine.


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