The Journey


They say, the most simple messages are the most true.

“The journey is the destination” is one of those simple truths that I got to really experience during Alani´s restoration. I took that to heart for the new chapter of travelling on my beloved vessel.

I don´t have a plan to sail around the world. I don´t even have a fix destination of where I want to get to. Letting life present its possibilities to me was how I found Alani in the first place. So it seems a good principle to live by – to go out there, open your mind and heart, see what life will bring to you and go with the flow.

I set a loose goal of reaching the Lesser Antilles. Those islands are a fairly “easy” sailing ground with good sailing infrastructure, where Alani and I could get used to each other for some time while being immersed in relaxed Caribbean culture with lots of local variety between the beautiful islands.


Ever since I left the Rio Dulce, Guatemala in November 2019, there have been so many adventures that I want to write about. You will be able to read about them here, step by step. 

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  1. Love the blog! Was it easy to set up? I’ll be doing mind shortly, always more pressing boat projects to do instead, but eventually… I’ll enjoy keeping up with your adventures! Take care

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